New Hampshire Poet Laureate (5-Year Term)

Nomination deadline: July 20, 2018

The NH Poet Laureate (NHPL) selection is coordinated by the Poetry Society of NH and NH State Council on the Arts.  
The NHPL is an honorary 5-year position held by an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the field of poetry. The term starts in March 2019. Although there are no specified duties, the NHPL is an ambassador for all poets in NH and works to heighten the visibility and value of poetry in our state. This individual will join a rich tradition of NH Poets Laureate working hard to celebrate and foster poetry in NH. 
Thanks to The Walter Butts’ New Hampshire Poet Laureate Endowment Fund, NHPL receives an honorarium of $500 per year (for 5-year term) to help achieve their mission. In addition, the NHPL's receive a lifetime membership in the Poetry Society of New Hampshire. 
NHPL is required to submit a report of completed activities at the end of the 5-year term to the coordinating committee. 
To be eligible for the NH Poet Laureate position:

  • An individual must be a resident of New Hampshire
  • Individual must have published at least one full-length book of poetry 
  • Self nominations are accepted 
  • 3 hard copies of Poet’s books mailed to New Hampshire State Council for the Arts (books will not be returned but may be picked up at NHSCA after announcement)
  • Submission indicates candidate’s willingness to serve in this position
  • Preferably be available for the formal announcement of NH Poet Laureate in April 2019.

Preferred method of submission is via Submittable (with 3 hard copies of one of Poet’s book mailed to NHSCA): SUBMITTABLE

If unable to submit via Submittable, nominations will be accepted via mail.
Please fill out application (see PDF) and mail, along with three copies of one book, to:

New Hampshire State Council for the Arts
19 Pillsbury
Concord, NH
Attn: Cassandra Mason

For questions, please email: